Kate and the 70’s

Kate and the 70’sfeatured

Hello girls, today we travel back to the 70’s! Not literally, as the years pass by and fashion evolves the trends come back with a modern feeling. One of the most popular trends seen on Paris Fashion week and Berlin Fashion week are the inspiration in the 70’s. Wide pants, geometric patterns and floral simultaneously, suede garments combined Read more

Kate and The Statement Skirts

Kate and The Statement Skirtsfeatured

Statement Skirts are a big trend this season, the runways were invaded by maxi, midi and mini skirts fill with outrageous patterns or sequins. Balmain brought us textures and metallics, Dolce and Gabana the patterns and Burberry brought the sequins. Stores like Zara, Asos, Berska e H&M got inspired by these amazing designers and we Read more

Kate and the Fall Mix

Kate and the Fall Mixfeatured

Today’s look is the proof that we have cold weather in LA! (hahaha) This look is also the proof that mixing patterns is actually something possible! I decided to mix polka dots with stripes. Tiny polka dots tights with polka dots shorts and with a stripes sweater. So, why is this outfit working? Well all of Read more

Kate in Black

Kate in Blackfeatured

The today’s look is very simple and a very effective “recipe” which always results. I am using almost monochrome and color look many notes, and these notes do not have to be all the same color. In this case I chose to use as a base color, a classic color and I love to use Read more

Kate and the Pink Dreams

Kate and the Pink Dreamsfeatured

The look of today may seem familiar, but this time has a different air. Previously I did a look with this same suit I wore only black and white. This time, this look brings with it the pastel colors. Pastel colors or baby, as you prefer to call are a big trend this year, in Read more