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Kate Caviar

Kate and the Coral Lace

Hey Beautiful! Friday just arrived and I’m bringing you a look to inspire you for this weekend!

This look is perfect for hot days but can easily be transformed for colder days. Try adding a shirt inside this lace top or cardigan by the end of the skirt.

The important thing to realize about this outfit is how I combined the colors and textures. I love to combine garments that combine colors of the same tone, in this case chose the beige being the lighter shade, coral intermediate tone and camel as the darker shade. This way of combining pieces of clothing is quite safe and is very difficult to make a bad combination. We can do this with all colors, black / white / gray, white / baby blue / navy blue … etc etc.

The way to add some spiciness to this outfit is how to mix clothes with different textures and patterns, so I decided the lighter texture and colors had (lace) are darker solid colors.

Have fun putting outfits together in degradé, and see how many different outfits you can create, you’ll be surprised! :)

I would love to know your opinion on this look, these tips and also suggestions for new looks and videos!









I’m wearing:

Boutique store lace top – $10

Forever21 skirt – $12

Details bag – $7

Boutique store sandals – $15

With Love,


Kate and the Tribal Pattern

Hello Doll!

The look of today is focused on the tribal pattern of this long skirt. As you may have noticed I love using patterns, I think that makes the outfit look bolder and “richer”, and the secret is: use the right amount at the right place and with the right combination of garments. This is about the size of the pattern relative to the size of the garment, ie, the pattern of a mini skirt must be smaller than in a long skirt.

In the right place, if you want to hide the tummy avoid wearing fancy patterns on tops, t-shirts, sweaters or shirts, because if you do you going to be drawing attention to the area you want to “hide”. Use instead, pants with patterns or  a flashy footwear or accessories. The right combination for me and match with pieces that have a color that is present in the pattern, or a neutral color like black, white, navy, camel and gray. If you are an adventurous mix with other patterns, but you have to be more careful! Make sure that the size of the patterns are quite different and / or patterns that have at least one color in common. In other words, or in this case could have used a black top with tiny yellow spots.

What do you think of this look? Would you use? Atrevias you to mix patterns? Or would you rather play it safe? ‘d Love to know your opinion! :)








I’m wearing:

H&M hat- $7

Topshop top – $7

H&M skirt – $30

Boutique store sandals – $15

Forever21 bag- $12

With Love,


Kate and the Pearl

Good morning Gorgeous !!!

The super hot weather is about to end, but we can still wear shorts and fresh tops , so today I brought you a very stylish and practical look .

The color for today is white pearl , all women should have a top or shirt this color . This color matches with any piece and gives a neat , clean and fresh look to the outfit . As you know , I love clothing the highlights my waist and make me look taller, and more important than that, I need to feel very comfortable .

If you spend much of your day seated , try using hight waist garments, is much more comfortable and gives you back support and helps hide you belly! ; ) To highlight the waist, decided to add a red belt , as the shorts and the top are the same color . This almost monochromatic look make me look thinner and elongates my silhouette , and we all love that!

To finish off the look , I chose nude strap sandals , which makes lengthen the leg and so it gives the illusion of height ! Hope you like the look! I would love to know your opinion , if you would use this look , and what kind of looks you like to see on the blog ! :)




_MG_9461 _MG_9520






I’m wearing:

Body – H&M – $12

 Zara Shorts – prenda

 Forever21 belt – $3

Details bag – $7

Aldo bracelets – $7

Loja de Rua sandals- $15

With Love,


Kate and the Portuguese Flag Colors

Good Morning Ladies!

The look that bring you today’s Portuguese well, I’m wearing the colors of the Portuguese flag as perhaps no one ever used them. There are many people who do not like the flag colors, find them very “folk” too gaudy, and do not blend well together. For this very reason I came to belie!

I present to you a very elegant look, “lady like” and contemporary.

Probably follow my blog have seen the pattern of the skirt I’m wearing in a previous look – Kate and the Lemons, this skirt is actually a dress. The dress is bandeau, just until the strap and then opens with a wheel. The way the dress is desenhad0 allows fold the gown in line with the strap, put the piece bandeau inside and closed until the closing brace, the fact that a wheel, and the fabric is light but not fluid covers perfectly to the top of the gown. I also know how to make magic! And there to improvise, and be original with what we have, is not it?

Jea someone used some trick of this kind? Who would wear this look? ‘d Love to know your opinion and even suggestions for future look! :)













I’m wearing:

Top from Topshop – $ 7

Skirt (dress) Zara – $ 5 (super sale)

Forever21 belt – $ 3

Kate Spade Wallet – Gift

Chinese Laundry Shoes – $ 25

Necklace Store Street – $ 7

With love,


Kate and the Simple Glamour

Hello Gorgeous!

Today is the day to look and this time come to share a very simple but very glamorouslookWhen we hear about glamor imagine very reboscadas jewelrywith many glares, very very lush flamboyant clothes and makeoversThese things all work separatelyall together is overkillThis time I bring you a very simple and chic with just a few notesglamorous alternative.

I decided to bet on clothes very simple, elegant cut and solid and very classic colors fora very neutral makeup cat-eye and red lipsand then with a very glamorous clutch anda necklace with stones and shiny.

Thus we create a balance between clothes, accessories and makeupthis combinationis ideal for events that have not quite sure how we should dress, because we never seem poorly dressed and while we are not overly produced.

What do you think of this look? Would use in a wedding?





_MG_8936-2a copy




I’m wearing:

Top from Topshop – $ 7

H & M skirt $ 20

Zara shoes – $ 35

Accessorize wallet – $ 30

Forever21 Necklace – $ 8

With love,