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Kate Caviar

Kate goes Ballet

Hello Ladies! Today is friday so that mean Outfit post day. This time I bring you a very simple, elegant and romantic look.

The midi skirts are back but this time the trend says :high-waisted skirts with length below the knee. This type of skirts are wonderful and look good in general on any type of body, however to make sure that you’ll look you have to know some rules:

- Use it with a crop top. This way you ensure that high-waisted is visible, thus ensure that highlights your tiny waist, giving the illusion that you look leaner;

- Tuck a top/ t-shirt/ shirt into the skirt (the same effect described above);

- Use a belt. So acentuas the waistline, so you look taller and thiner;

- Choose the correct skirt length according to your height. Tall women can wear these skirts below the knee, and the skirt should end at the leg that begins to narrow zone. The stunted more women can use to just above the knee, however, have a strong leg must use the skirt length terminating with the leg in the zone that begins to narrow. This way the legs will look thinner and long;

- Use with open shoes and a color that is not too contrasting with your skin tone. For the legs look longer is essential that the shoe is just an extension of the leg, and so the shoe or sandal should not break this “line”, so it should not have straps, should be open and low-cut, and if possible that has a similar tone to your skin color. Thus offspring the perfect illusion!

Hope you like this look and all these tips! ;)







Estou a usar:

Topshop’s top – $7

Necklace made by me

Urban Outfiters’ tiara – $12

Details’ bag -$7 (sales)

Zara’s shoes – $35

With Love,


Kate and Miss Caviar Top Giveaway

Hello Doll! Good Friday!

Today is Outfit dayat the blog and also a  special day. Today for the first time will giveaway something as a Thank you to all the love and support that you have given me. All Outfit posts I do, all videos are always warmly welcomed by you, commented and shared, and days go by and we became a bigger family! Thank you!

Instead of giving you  something that I can buy, I decided to design a top conceived by me – “MISS CAVIAR”. Top 100% cotton with some elasticity, very fresh and light, perfect for summer, a color that will look good with any piece of clothing, and the graphics with summer color, coral. Hope you enjoy!

To be able to win this Top enable just meet 3 rules:

1 – liking my Facebook page.

2 – Endorse my Youtube channel.

3 – share this post on Facebook.

Note: If you already like my Facebook page and / or Youtube please share this post on Facebook.

The giveaway ends on August 1 (Friday) and the winner will be announced on the same day! :)








I’m wearing:

My own design T-shirt :)

  Urban Outfitters Jumper – $ 15 (sales)

Aldo shoes – $ 30

With love,


Kate and the Sophisticated Jumpsuit

Hello Gorgeous and Good Friday! Today’s is new Look day! Yupiiii! :)

Today I bring you a sophisticated look! Ideal for a special occasion for day or night, much more chic at the same time unique and sexy! August is upon us and many of you have family or friends weddings, and I think this suggestion is perfect. The jumpsuit is always a unique option because normally for this kind of events all women want to go dress. That is, we would not be just “one” and is also a very versatile and practical piece. I love the fact that with only one or the other accessory look is now complete. The fact that he’s black satin and being, that gives more sophisticated and sexy look, then the floral pattern is just perfect for this season and adds mellow look. In this case how would accentuate the waist decided to add a belt. This trick makes me look taller and thin, it creates the illusion that my legs are longer and that my silhouette is more slender.

Actually what I’m wearing is not a belt, but an elastic hair ribbon, which I bought because it has the same color as the flowers, and because it serves perfectly as a belt! ;) In another situation, if they have no belt, also can use a satin ribbon that you buy in any haberdashery. Take the piece you want to use, go to a haberdashery and ask for help choosing the ribbon type and color will look best, for sure you will help.

For the clutch decided to use green because it is also the colors of the jumpsuit, but for an event or party, a gold or metallic also work very well.


I hope you enjoyed this look and have been inspired to turn your feasts and weddings! :)










I’m wearing:

Forever21 Jumpsuit – $ 21

Forever21 Belt (hair elastic)- $ 1

BCBG Clutch- $ 10 (sales)

Aldo shoes – $ 30

With love,


How to Dress Skinny

Hello Doll!

I’m sharing some tips and tricks so you can dress skinny. Most of the women in the world want to look slimmer, so I think can be a really helpful video for all of you. How to dress, what to dress and mos important what to avoid. Hope you enjoy! ;)

With Love,

Kate goes Floral Coral

Hello Princess! Friday! Whew … finally! This week was busy, long nights, editing videos and finding time to watch fifa world cup games! ;) Whoever follows me instragram, you’ve probably noticed that I twist by Argentina, so fingers crossed until Sunday! ;)

On this look, there are a few things to say. As you saw in my last video, I love floral patterns, are used forever and for me, it will not leave. There are women who think flowers always seem very naive, or childish.

I disagree, there are patterns and standards, and of course there are nicer than others, and this will the person’s taste, but the boyish, it just depends on how we combine with the rest of the look. I this case, as the skirt and blouse are very feminine, (the shape of the skirt, which shows the hips, and the blouse with flowers and silk) wanted to combine with accessories that were not as delicate as the hat is unisex , boots and trinket reminiscent of old shoes from our grandfathers! The portfolio also has a very practical air, and reminds his bags to go to school, or bags of old carteiros.Por this if they feel they have a piece of clothing that marks much a style, combine with pieces that are the opposite . You can see more examples of mixed styles here on my blog.










I’m wearing:

Zara hat – $ 25

Zara blouse – Mom gift :)

Zara skirt – $ 10 (sales)

Kate Spade Bag - Gift

Seychelles Boots – $ 40 (sales)

With love,